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By the time Sugarland?s song ?Something More? was released in April of 2005, the band, comprised of members Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall, was more than anxious to be moving on.

Since their debut single, ?Baby Girl,? had been living and breathing since July the year before, the band was more than ready to have something new to focus on and another hit song under their belts.

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In one of the few videos to feature all three original Sugarland members before Kristen Hall left the band (she would only appear in one more video), ?Something More? showcased the fun side of the group.

Being only their second song, both of which reached No. 2 on the charts, ?Something More? played a big part in establishing Sugarland as more than just a one-hit wonder. In fact, it did the very thing that the song implied — it made us believe there indeed had to be something more.

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The duo remained part of country music?s elite until they abruptly announced a hiatus in 2012, stating they wanted to take some time off, sleep in their own beds, and decide how to approach what?s next.

Since then, each has pursed a solo career with Kristian releasing one album and Jennifer releasing two.

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