The world is praying for this brave young mother Facebook/Jason Crum
Facebook/Jason Crum

We do not know her name, we do not know her full story and we certainly do not know why God does bad things to good people. But we do know that right now, at this very moment, there is a young woman out there with two kids on her hip and one in her belly that needs our fervent prayers.

In a desperate plea posted on Facebook Feb. 4 and shared hundreds of thousands of times since then, a father by the name of Jason Crum told the heartbreaking story of his daughter. A young mother with two kids already, the woman has received the news that every pregnant woman dreads — she may lose the baby in her belly.

And in this case, the young mother may also lose her own life.

Jason, feeling somewhat helpless, came to social media to share his daughter’s story hoping that one more time, prayers to heaven could change the course of the events here on earth.

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“I got the news today that my daughter, my angel, my heart got news that she is bleeding between her uterus and placenta,” the desperate father wrote. “She is five months pregnant. She has two of my precious grandchildren. She was [told] that if she does not abort now, her life is in danger. There is a 70% chance of her dying if she continues the pregnancy. She refuses to abort, telling me that her baby would hurt if they killed her. That broke my heart. I’m so scared of losing my baby girl, but I respect her decision and her strength.”

Jason goes on to talk about his own suffering, reminding all of us that a parent’s pain is raw and excruciating when their child is hurting.

“I’m a mess,” he wrote. “My heart is broken. She explained to me [that] even though she has two children, she can’t kill this baby girl she is carrying. I understand that. Please please join with me in praying for her and her baby. I never post things like this, but I need God’s help. Thank you all in advance for remembering my baby girl tonight.”


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Soon after the plea was posted on Jason’s Facebook page, it was shared by tens of thousands across social media, which got people all around the world not only praying for this woman for her courageous and selfless act, but also offering up comfort, support and advice to her dear father.

“Ain’t no love like the love of a mother has for her babies other than the love Jesus has for us,” one person wrote.


“Praying to God to intercede and honor her faith,” another shared.

“Please put them on your prayer list at your church,” Jason added in his post. “I feel so helpless and scared. And I can’t imagine how my daughter is feeling. She is a great mom.”

So, while we all battle our own demons and struggles, take a moment to think of this woman today. Think about what you would do and how you would face the decision she is facing at this very moment. Consider how you would live your life when your future is so uncertain.

And then, pray.

Tricia Despres is a senior correspondent for Rare Country, based out of Chicago. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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