The shade on this Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweet has left us scratching our heads AP Photo/Alex Gallardo
Dale Earnhardt Jr. waits in the garage area prior to the opening practice session for the NASCAR auto race at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., Friday, March 24, 2017. Only 24 drivers in NASCAR history have started 600 races, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. joins the club Sunday. After a slow start to his first season back from a concussion, he would love to celebrate the milestone with his first win on the well-aged asphalt at Fontana, where he typically runs quite well. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

OK, what?s going on in Dale Earnhardt Jr.?s world? That?s an actual question, because we can?t really make heads nor tails of this very cryptic tweet he sent out on March 9,

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?For all my years I always thought that if I didn?t get along with someone that with enough effort I would be able to make it right,” he tweeted. “Now, lately, I?m wondering if there is just no fixing some relationships.”

Wow. We?re not sure what relationship is at the center of this situation, but it?s clear that it?s personal for the recently retired NASCAR star.

Many fans were weighing in on the weighty statement, but what really got our attention is when Junior?s sister Kelley replied to it.

?It takes the effort of two people. Not just one,” she write in return. “Otherwise you?re wondering is accurate, as it will never be mended. It?s also OK to realize that?s maybe it?s just not meant to be fixed. Sometimes it?s better to leave it be.”


You know when your sister gets involved on a public forum, it?s serious. And we have to say, she?s right. Relationships of any kind are a two-way street, and require both parties to be on the same page and putting forth the same amount of effort to make things right.

Whatever Dale Jr. is experiencing right now, we hate it for him. But even with this struggle, he still has so many great relationships to be thankful for, like the one with his sister, who clearly has his back, and the amazing marriage he shares with his wife, Amy! These two are absolutely a dream couple and they?re about to be dream parents with a baby due in May! We just know that the relationship Dale Jr. will create with his new daughter will be the most special one of all.


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We hope everything works out for the former driver-turned-broadcaster. Hang in there, Junior. Do your best and the rest will take care of itself!

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