The rules are simple: don’t touch Luke Bryan’s butt YouTube/Screenshot

It’s simple, just don’t touch the man’s butt. Is that so hard?

When Luke Bryan visited “The Late Show with James Corden” along with Sam Heughan, star of the series “Outlander,” and actress Rita Wilson, Bryan discussed in cheeky detail how bold and grabby some fans can get when they get the chance to meet him and take a photo backstage.

“There are quite a few wandering hands,” Bryan disclosed. “I mean, I’m doing the meet and greet and I’m like ‘yep, she’s got it.’”

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Yes ladies, there actually is an official “no touching of the butt policy.”

As if that wasn’t enough, get a load of Luke Bryan thinking he learned a new word. When Heughan takes the reins of the conversation it shifts to the wearing of the modesty patch (Heughan explains what it is). He goes on to explain how he once dropped it in the men’s room but when he says the word urinal, with his British accent it comes out yer-eye-null.

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What Luke heard however was something different. When Bryan starts to make fun, Corden seizes the can’t-miss opportunity and jumps all over Bryan pointing out that what HE’S saying is something completely different.

“You’re obsessed with your butt Luke Bryan!”

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