With every new season of “American Ninja Warrior,” fans witness amazing men and women push themselves to their mental and physical brink via an obstacle course full of challenges. And each and every season, Lance “the Cowboy Ninja” Pekus shines thanks to his incredible fitness ability and mental determination.

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But little did anyone know that all this time, his biggest challenge could be found at home. In the Las Vegas National Finals that aired September 4 on NBC, Lance opened up about the real-life drama surrounding his wife Heather, who is currently fighting her own battle.

“It’s hard to see the person you love just fall apart,” Lance said in a new interview about his wife, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her early 20s. “”She’s by far the toughest person I know.”

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“I went from trying to run to a walker in 10 months,” Heather tearfully says in the new interview about her disease, which has dramatically gotten worse in the last couple of years, keeping her from being on site to see her husband compete. “We tried a whole bunch of medicine and treatments, but my body just doesn’t respond.”

Yet, she continues to battle for her family.

“I never imagined having this, but I’ve always been a really positive person, and I want my kids to remember me that way,” Heather concludes.

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