When it comes to country music, it’s all about the fans, which is what makes country festivals and concerts some of the most memorable nights you’ll ever experience.

From the booming music to the crazy tailgates, there is never a dull moment at a show. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the craziest fans you are sure to see and experience at any country festival across the country.

Check out the list below!

The tailgaters

Tailgating is an authentic country music experience. Songs have been written about it, people have been arrested for it, and sometimes it’s more fun than the concert itself. Tailgaters are the people we all want to be friends with. These groups show up to the venue hours early and start a certified party right there in the parking lot.

The girls in the cowboy boots and sundresses

We can thank ex-country star, now wildly successful pop star, Taylor Swift, for this entire phenomenon. These days you can’t step foot inside the walls of a country concert or festival without running out of fingers to count these girls on. Ladies, why don’t we work on finding a new trend that isn’t so 2005, huh?

The Daisy Dukes

Women aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this trend these days. Whether it’s because of Maddie & Tae’s hilarious music video for “Girl In A Country Song,” or just because the men want to be included, it’s a trend for both sexes. Though, to be honest, it looks much better on the girls than the guys. Sorry, boys!

The drunk and the restless

We’ve all been there, sitting next to the drunkest person in the arena while they scream out requests for “Free Bird” and “Friends In Low Places.” You can’t help but wonder what happened to their friends and how it got to this point while you silently bless the poor clean-up crew using cat litter to soap up vomit.

The guy in dress shoes with an iPad

He’s inevitably standing in front of you, hoisting that iPad over his head to take pictures of Luke Bryan’s booty, while you curse him under your breath. Did he not have time to change after a business meeting? Does he work for the label? Sorry buddy, Justin Timberlake is playing here next week.

The biggest fan in the world

They let you know it because they snuck in a hand-made, glittery sign the size of a flat screen TV under their shirt. Every time the artist comes to your side of the stage, they throw it up and scream bloody murder, all while trying to balance a cowboy hat on their heads. It is dedication at it’s finest, and it all comes to a head when the artist points at them and they pass out from sheer happiness.

The one on the right is simply too cool for the sign… 🙂

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The authentic redneck

These people live and breathe the country music lifestyle. They’re probably ranch hands on a farm in the middle of Kentucky, they wear jeans and collared, button up shirts, and their cowboy hats cost more than than the concert tickets alone. They work hard and party harder, and they’re the reason country music exists.

Who are some of the craziest people you’ve seen at a festival? Let us know in the comments!

The 8 craziest fans you experience at a country music festival Instagram/Stagecoach
Autumn Haile is a contributor for Rare Country.
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