Tanya Tucker's friendship with Randy Travis was forged in the fire following his illness Webster PR
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Tanya Tucker has admired Randy Travis’ music since she first heard his voice in 1986. Randy hit the scene with a bang that year thanks to his hit album, “Storms of Life,” and Tanya was instantly hooked.

She tells Rare Country, “I thought, wow, about the time we thought there could be no more different voices come along and such stylistic voices — I went, ‘Wow, where did this come from?’ He was really great.”

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Tanya knew Randy in passing throughout their respective careers, but they were just friendly acquaintances. They grew much closer after Randy suffered a massive stroke in 2013 and a mutual friend brought them together.

“I really got to know him in the hospital. My girlfriend did his hair, so she took me over in Dallas to see him. From that moment on we became best friends. So, I’ve been following his journey and getting to know Mary, his wife, who is an angel.. really an angel. I’m so glad he’s got her.”

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Tanya has the ability to make Randy laugh with her outrageous humor, and they’ve bonded over music, too.

She adds, “Just really being there as much as I possibly could be to cheer him up and sing with him — sing to him. It’s been a rough journey for him. But it’s been also, because we’re the same age, Randy and I are exactly the same age. So, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Tanya sang “I Told You So” at Randy’s recent tribute concert in Nashville, and she was happy to hear him sing a few notes on “Amazing Grace” and “Forever and Ever, Amen” at that event. Even though Randy has made huge strides in his recovery, Tanya still holds out hope his singing voice will return in full force.


She says, “I believe he’s going to be back. I pray to God every night for that.”

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