We tend to think that once country stars reach a certain level of success, they buy homes that are lavish ranches with acres and acres of land like Southfork from “Dallas,” or huge mansions that rival Nashville’s Opryland Hotel with their grandeur and spaciousness. But when you have a wife and three daughters, and the opportunity to own a part of history, you might do like Texas superstar Randy Rogers did and move on in.

According to “The Wall Street Journal,” Randy, wife Chelsea, and their daughters are the proud residents in a 4,000 square foot home in Texas’ charming community of New Braunfels, a 19th-century German settlement. Built in 1941, the stone and tile home boasts some 200-year-old live oak trees in the front yard.

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Now, Randy and Chelsea, who owns two River Rose boutiques nearby, did renovate and significantly expand the home to accommodate their growing family. However, they did so under the watchful eye of the city’s historic preservation commission.

While updating plumbing and electrical was likely necessary, the family went the extra mile in the expansion to ensure that new clay roofing tiles matched the existing tiles. Inside the home, they utilized replica door knobs and materials reminiscent of those from the time the home was originally built.

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Besides being a safe place to raise their girls, Randy’s home is also convenient to his fellow musician friends, including the guitar player in the Randy Rogers Band. And although the house has a stunning music room, Randy says that when he is home, he focuses on being daddy to all three of his girls, ages 7, 4 and six months.

“Songwriting just happens when it happens. It’s not anything you can control,” he says.

It sure looks like he’s surrounded by inspiration though! Read the full article and check out photos of the home’s interior and exterior here.

Take a look inside this Texas crooner’s gorgeous home  Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images
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