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After a few years on hiatus working on their solo careers, Sugarland is back with a brand-new single, ?Still the Same.? The song honestly lays out how the duo’s members, Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles, broke the ice and got back to writing and recording music together again after a long break.

The very first line of the song lays it out, asking, ?Where do we start? How ’bout right here where we are.?

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As the song goes on, you hear them asking how the other has been doing and negotiating how to go forward together again.

Jennifer describes ?Still the Same? as one of the ?more present songs? they wrote together for their upcoming album.

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She says, ?It was also this moment for us, too, to be like, ?OK, let?s talk about the white elephant in the room,? you know what I?m saying? We?re nervous here. We haven?t been with each other in years to write, or in general. Like, let?s talk about that.?

Jennifer and Kristian also wanted to make sure fans who knew nothing of Sugarland?s story would be able to identify with the song.

Says Kristian, ?As we started to get further into it, at some point Jennifer just kind of turned, and [started] talking about somebody who?s listening to this, what are they gonna think? Like, how can it help them??

We think the fans are getting the message of ?Still the Same? loud and clear. Check out this video of Sugarland performing the new song during a concert in Dublin, Ireland, this past weekend.

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