Stylist to country artists reveals her secrets to a summerlike glow Rare Country

If we told you you’ve probably seen a country star walking down a red carpet with anti-nausea medicine on their face, you’d probably tell us we’re crazy.

Well, take a look at this interview with one of country’s leading stylists, Amanda Craig of Leigh Edwards and Co. salon in Nashville. She is the go-to girl whenever stars like Blake and Brett Eldredge want to look their best on an album cover or red carpet.

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Sometimes those red carpet experiences happen in sunny climates — like the upcoming “American Country Countdown Awards” in Los Angeles or the ACM Awards in Las Vegas. If one of her guys spends too much time at the pool and ends up with a sunburn, Amanda has a tried-and-true trick to get them looking good for the cameras.

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Just before the ACM Awards, Amanda told Rare Country she actually puts Milk of Magnesia on a sunburned artist’s face before doing anything else.

“I put it all over the face,” Amanda says, “and I blend it and then do the normal makeup.”

Milk of Magnesia has many benefits for a sunburned country star, too.

She explains, “It helps with sweating, and it’ll help take that super-red out of the skin. It’s perfect.”

Amanda actually learned this trick from another makeup artist who has been working with country stars for more than three decades. So, there’s no telling which of your favorite stars you’ve seen on a red carpet or awards show beating a sunburn with a little Milk of Magnesia slathered on their face.

You’ll want to be looking out for that Milk of Magnesia makeup trick when the guys walk the red carpet at the American Country Countdown Awards this Sunday, May 1 on FOX.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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