Steven Tyler revealed the beautiful thing he did when his grandson was born ABC/Screenshot

In a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” actress Liv Tyler spoke about the birth of her son, and the surprising action that her father had to perform.

According to Tyler, her dad was an integral presence for when she had her baby, Sailor. As soon as he heard his daughter was in labor, Tyler hopped on a plane from Nashville and walked right into the emergency room.

When the baby was born, Tyler was given the honor of cutting his grandchild’s umbilical cord.

“It’s like a mayor cutting a ribbon… or a drugstore opening,” Kimmel joked of Tyler’s action.

Though he doesn’t see his grandchildren often, Tyler said that when her dad is around, the children love it.

“He’s like having a wizard for a grandfather. We don’t always see him that often, but when we do it’s like some wizard comes to the house,” Tyler joked.

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