Sounds like Blake Shelton is schooling Gwen Stefani on country music Entertainment Tonight/YouTube screenshot
Entertainment Tonight/YouTube screenshot

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Blake Shelton?s country ways are definitely rubbing off on his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

In fact, the ?Honey Bee? singer?s lady, who is known best as a pop singer, credits her beau for introducing her to country music. She even says if it weren?t for him, much of the country music genre would still be foreign to her.

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“I would never have listened to it, or have been open to it,? Gwen tells “Entertainment Tonight?s” Sophie Schillaci. ?I’ve learned so much about heart, your heart in music, just by listening to country music.”

Indeed, Gwen has had a change of heart about the country genre. So much so that she?s been enthusiastically mentoring country contestant Brennley Brown on season 12 of ?The Voice.? Gwen says the experience has opened her up “to this whole new world of music? that she might never have known existed.

?It?s been super fun this time because I have a country artist,” Gwen said of her mentee. “Between this whole couple of years getting to know country music, but then looking for songs for this little girl who’s, like, 15 years old and trying to figure out what music she?ll sing. I have so much new music in me, and I love that. That’s my favorite part about being here.”

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Young Brennley is one of two singers on Gwen?s team who are left fighting for a Season 12 victory on ?The Voice.? On Tuesday, May 8, it was announced that Brennley made it into the semifinals.

So, while the ?Sweet Escape? singer has a developing knowledge of country music, she?s doing a pretty amazing job coaching her country singing hopeful.

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