It couldn’t have been an easy pill to swallow when Glen Campbell’s family first learned of his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

But the disease didn’t keep them from doing what they could to connect with their loving patriarch when his mind would start to slip away.

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For singer-songwriter Ashley Campbell, the youngest of Glen’s eight children, the best way to bring her daddy back to her was through music.

That’s why she has chosen to share a handwritten letter about her dad with fans. In the heartfelt note, Ashley talks about who her father was and why she co-penned a song called “Remembering” for him.

“Many of you know my father, Glen Campbell, as the guitar player, singer, and international icon that he was,” Ashley writes. “Some of you may know him as the wonderful man and friend he was to so many people. I had the privilege of knowing Glen Campbell as a father. I also had the honor and privilege of caring for my dad through his entire journey through Alzheimer’s disease. Music was the thing that could bring him back to us when the fog would pull him just a little further away.”

Photo courtesy of Ashley Campbell

Ashley then goes onto say that the song she co-wrote helped her reach her dad when he seemed lost. “I wrote this song to bring him comfort and to let him know that I would always be there for him,” she explains. “Now, after he has passed, when I sing this song I feel like he is reaching back for me as I reached for him. I can feel him with me in the music and he is comforting me now.”

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Ashley then closed out her message with, “Thank you for remembering my father with me.”

Glen first went public with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2011. After a long and courageous battle with the disease, he passed away on Aug. 8. He was 81. Watch the video above to see Ashley’s poignant tribute to her late father.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Campbell

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