Singer Meghan Linsey gives update on her terrifying spider bite YouTube/The Doctors
YouTube/The Doctors

If you’ve been following singer Meghan Linsey for a while, chances are you’ll recall the poisonous spider bite that she suffered back in February, and her struggle to heal from it.

At the time, the former Steel Magnolia member and “The Voice” alum took to Instagram to let fans know that a brown recluse spider had bitten her face while she was sleeping. She told fans that she woke up to a “stinging sensation” after the incident, found the dying spider in her hand and eventually went to the emergency room because of the resulting pain. She later learned she had necrosis, which means the flesh around the bite — which was directly under her eye — was dying.

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Since then, Meghan, who just released her new album, “Bold Like A Lion,” has kept fans up-to-date with pictures showing both her symptoms and the results of her treatments, which included time in a hyperbaric chamber. During a recent television appearance she shared a new update about the terrifying ordeal she faced.

While visiting “The Doctors” on Nov. 2, Meghan revealed that she now suffers from night terrors as a result of the incident.


“It’s been crazy,” she said. “I’ve had these things where I wake up and I’m in a panic and yelling, and my boyfriend’s like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’”

“I’m slapping my face thinking there’s something on it,” she added.

Turns out that Meghan’s night terrors are actually a common response to the spider bite, according to clinical psychologist Judy Ho, who also appeared on the show.

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“You’re a little bit more hyper-aware of your surroundings right now,” Judy explained to Meghan. “Now that you are past the main issue, that’s when you start to process the emotional repercussions, which is the fear that’s built up about this whole situation, and its coming out at a time when you feel most vulnerable.”

We hope those nightmares go away soon, Meghan!

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