Sheryl Crow has drawn musical inspiration from a funny tweet about Kid Rock’s potential United States Senate bid.

Fans may be aware that Kid Rock started a website called In a July 26 Facebook post, he told fans that he will be holding a press conference in the next six weeks to announce whether or not he’ll actually throw his hat in the ring for the 2018 election.

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One Twitter user, who heard the news of Kid Rock’s interest to represent his home state of Michigan in Congress, couldn’t resist adding Nashville resident and Kid Rock pal Sheryl into the mix.

“Oh man, @SherylCrow must be rolling in her grave right now,” follower @TunaCatsup tweeted on July 28.

Sheryl, who is most certainly NOT dead, quipped back, “Dude. I’m still alive.”

Six hours later, the “Soak Up the Sun” singer shared a clip of herself playing a new song that she wrote in response to the Twitter exchange. “In the studio today and I saw I’d be ‘rolling in my grave’ — inspired me to write a song, ‘Dude, I’m Still Alive,'” she wrote, alongside the video of her performance.

In the comical song, which you can hear above, Sheryl can be heard giving possible candidate Kid Rock (a.k.a. Bob Ritchie) the benefit of the doubt, despite his bad boy image. She sings, “At least the guy’s not 90 / In his 32nd term / But a pole in the Lincoln bedroom / is bound to make some people squirm.”

She then goes on to name check some of the people who have been previously involved in President Donald Trump’s administration, including Jeff Sessions, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer.

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Sheryl and Kid Rock have a unique friendship. Not only have they collaborated with each other on duets, “Collide” and country hit “Picture,” but they have also gone on tour together. Despite their bond, they seem to have opposing views on politics. Kid Rock is a Republican, and a supporter of Donald Trump, while Sheryl has openly admitted to not being a fan of the president, according to Fox News.

Check out the full lyrics to “Dude, I’m Still Alive” below.

Sheryl Crow releases new song inspired by Kid Rock’s potential political bid Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT
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