Shania Twain pulls off one of her most iconic looks in sexy new video YouTube/ShaniaTwainVEVO

Shania Twain is a modern marvel. In her new video for “Life’s About to Get Good,” the superstar slips back into that sexy black bustier, men’s white shirt and top hat from her “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” video, and she looks amazing!

Keep in mind she first wore that look in the spring of 1999. Eighteen years later, she looks just as fierce rocking that outfit.

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Shania isn’t just resting on her old looks in this clip, though. Over the course of the video, Shania goes from wearing PJs and doing mundane tasks like getting the mail and drinking some tea to taking a life-changing trip to the beach.

Some resort attendants dressed in eye-popping outfits help her shake off her blues and get ready for the trip. On the line, “It was time to forget you forever,” one of the helpers turns a photo of Shania with an ex-lover upside down, and the ex suddenly disappears from the picture. We don’t have to tell you who that sequence is all about.

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Shania wrote “Life’s About to Get Good” as part of the healing process following her divorce from former husband Mutt Lange. The colorful shots on the beach are enough to life anyone’s mood, too.

Now, if we could only arrange a trip to that breathtakingly beautiful beach resort and party with Shania. Talk about a pick-me-up!

“Life’s About to Get Good” is the lead single from Shania’s new album, “Now,” due out September 29.

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