Shania Twain has always used music as a way to deal with the hardships in life. For instance, she’s still facing the fallout from her 2008 split from husband Mutt Lange head-on in several songs on her new album, “Now,” due out Sept. 29. A story the singer/songwriter just shared illustrates just how long Shania has been finding solace in putting her emotions into lyrics and melodies.

Though she’s amassed a fortune as one of the most successful artists of the past two decades, Shania’s childhood in Canada was anything but luxurious. In fact, Shania recalls not having a proper coat to face the cold Canadian winters.

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She tells “Vice,” “When I was in junior high school, like 12 or 13, I didn’t have the right winter clothes a lot of the time because we couldn’t afford it. I didn’t have the right coat or the right boots or whatever. So when it was time for recess—which meant going outside for 40 minutes, however cold it was—I would go to the music teacher and say, ‘Can I stay in the music room and just work on my music?’ And he was gracious and let me do it as an extra-curricular thing. But he really let me do it so I wasn’t embarrassed because I didn’t have the right clothes.”

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Shania goes on to say the music room became her refuge, and she continued using that space throughout high school.

She adds, “If I wanted to skip a class, I’d sneak into the soundproof cubicle in the music room and write songs for a couple hours without ever being heard or spotted.”

Shania used a similar approach when creating her new album, “Now.” She spent countless hours alone in the studio at her home in the Bahamas getting the new music just right. You can get a peek inside that space in the clip above from “CBS Sunday Morning.”

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