Garth Brooks sure knows how to turn a simple moment into a magical one. His recent exchange with one loyal fan is proof of that.

On June 10, the 55-year-old entertainer played his second of five shows at the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings, Montana.

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Jeremy Larson, a 24-year-old superfan, was in the audience holding up a few handmade posters. One sign read, “You are the reason I play guitar.”

“Oh, you play guitar?” Garth asked, after he noticed the young man’s poster, which was also adorned with home photos and guitar picks previously owned by the superstar.

“You play Takamine [guitar]. Do you play one of these?” he asked, while pointing to his own instrument.

Even though Jeremy signaled that he did, Garth reached for the poster to get a closer look at the photos of the guitar. “No. No. No. That’s a Takamine, but it’s not one of these. Dude. If you’re going to play guitar, you need one of [these],” Garth exclaimed.

Garth then tossed his guitar to Jeremy, who was immediately overcome with emotion. So much so that he couldn’t stop wiping tears away from his eyes! After the meaningful exchange, Garth launched into Jeremy’s requested song, “Which One of Them.” Jeremy, of course, played along from the front row.

Following the concert, Jeremy took to his personal Facebook page to express his gratitude for the magical moment. He wrote, “The past 24 hours have been nothing but a blessing from God! Words can’t even express how grateful I am for everything to have happened to me, and to think 24 years later I got to play a song with GARTH!”

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As for Garth, he, too, was emotional over his special meeting with the fan. On Monday, June 12, during his weekly Studio G Facebook Live series, he gave a shoutout to Jeremy.

“That kid was at every show. I saw that sign behind stage left, behind stage right. I saw it way deep on the floor,” Garth said. “Jeremy, I love you pal. Thank you. Everybody expresses their love for the music different, for different artists. I can guarantee you this: any artists would be lucky to have somebody like you love their music.”

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