Most Scotty McCreery fans feel like they’ve watched him grow up right before their eyes. He was just 17 years old when he won the 10th season of “American Idol.” Since then, he’s become a handsome young man who we love and admire.

But there was life before “American Idol,” and in his new video for “Five More Minutes,” Scotty turns the pages on a virtual scrapbook of his life, from Day 1 as a newborn in the hospital to adulthood. In following the lyrics of the song, images of the country star with his grandfather are peppered throughout the video, along with home movies of Scotty on the baseball field as a young man and performing with his school choir.

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Debuting the video on People, Scotty said, “The whole song is talking about time, and time gone by, and time you still wish you had, and those home videos are precious moments. Everybody’s got those kind of videos that makes you look back on your life.”

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The country singer’s beautiful girlfriend, Gabi, also appears in the video, but Scotty was given specific guidelines before he could use any footage of the brunette beauty.

“She gave me a cut-off on the photos,” he says. “She said I could go kindergarten to like 4th grade but don’t use the 5th grade picture or the middle school pictures. It was pretty cute, I think. That’s probably my favorite part of the video.”

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