Scotty McCreery checks in from a day out with his future father-in-law Instagram/@scottymccreery

Scotty McCreery will tie the knot with his longtime love, Gabi, in 2018, but he’s already considered a part of her family. Just look at this shot of Scotty with Gabi’s dad he just posted to Instagram.

You can see the two guys are all smiles as they check in from the golf course at the Raleigh Country Club in North Carolina. Scotty’s giving a thumbs up in the photo, too. His caption reads, “Post Christmas round [with] the future father-in-law.”

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We have to say Scotty and Gabi’s dad are pretty brave to be out golfing in such cold temperatures. You have to admire their dedication to the game. Thankfully, the guys are all bundled up so they don’t freeze in between holes.

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Though for most guys hanging out with their fiancée’s dad might be a nerve-racking experience, Scotty has known Gabi’s family for years now. They grew up together in North Carolina, so we’re sure the conversation flowed easily out on the links.

Gabi’s family has got to feel good about Scotty’s job security, too. He’s got a ton of fans who have just been waiting for him to release a new album. Thanks to the success of his top 15 hit single, “Five More Minutes,” Scotty is going forward with plans to put that new album out in 2018.

The project is titled “Seasons Change,” and it features 11 tracks all co-written by Scotty himself. One song on the album was written especially for Scotty’s proposal to Gabi last September in the mountains of North Carolina.

Of course, Gabi told us that song was her favorite on the new album when we caught up with the couple on the red carpet at this year’s CMA Awards. Scotty went on to say that song might be appropriate for his fans to use in their upcoming weddings, too.


Scotty told us, “It could be, I guess. It?s definitely a wedding/engagement type song. It?s specific toward how we got engaged [but] I think anybody could use it.?


Scotty’s new album, “Seasons Change,” will be out March 16, but you can pre-order the album with some special perks now at There are four packages available, each named for one of the seasons of the year. Each one comes with a signed copy of Scotty’s new album, but the top package also includes a Scotty T-shirt, hat, hoodie and socks! You’ll definitely want to be decked out in all that Scotty gear when you fire up the new album for the first time.

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