Savannah Chrisley angrily confronts her haters on social media Instagram/@savannahchrisley

Social media allows us to keep up with so many friends and family members at home and around the world. It can also be a place for people to spout off the most hateful thoughts.

Reality TV star Savannah Chrisley is fighting back against some internet trolls who have made awful comments about her relationship with her niece, Chloe, who the family has affectionately nicknamed Coco.


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Savannah posted a photo with Coco on her Instagram account July 12 with the message, “If you’re gonna be negative then get off my post! I’m tired of seeing comments that say, ‘Oh she’s white trying to rescue a black baby.’ No … that’s not the case at all! First off … if we are going to get technical … Chloe is biracial … not black. But when I look at Coco … I don’t see a color! I see a child of God who is so innocent and beautiful and I’m going to do what I can to keep it that way.”

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Coco is the daughter of Savannah’s older brother, and Savannah’s parents, Todd and Julie, have been helping to raise her. You’ve no doubt seen the adorable little girl on the family’s show, “Chrisley Knows Best.”


Savannah continues, “Chloe is basically my baby sister … my parents have made sure to give her a safe and loving home since before she was a year old. It’s not about rescuing … it’s about family and our responsibility to take care of one another.”

Kudos to you Savannah for speaking your mind and reminding us all about what really matters in life.

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