Sara Evans serves up some serious skills to her buddy Kellie Pickler YouTube/Pickler and Ben
YouTube/Pickler & Ben

As hard has Sara brings the heat onstage, we had no idea she could also bring it to the courts. She’s a pretty dang good athlete, and during a recent visit to see her pals at talk show “Pickler & Ben,” she showed off some serious skills.

“I think I’m a good athlete,” she told hosts Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron. “I love sports. I love playing sports, but I don’t know if I’m still good at tennis.”

“Still good,” she says because she recently suffered an injury to her rotator cuff and hasn’t been on the court in almost nine months.

“Can we test it out real quick?” Ben asked, apparently rhetorically, because you know they already had the stage set and ready to go for Sara.

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And she more than lived up to the challenge … in heels no less.

“It’s harder than it looks!” Sara said.

As she got into her stance, Ben couldn’t help but quip, “Everything behind that net is … breakable and belongs to Faith Hill.”

No pressure, Sara.

But she killed it, serving up a ball at 50 mph. Yes, you read that correctly.

And it didn’t stop there! Sara returned for another game against guest Eddie Jackson, a chef and former professional football player.

“I hate football players!” Sara joked, because, obviously, she’s married to Jay Barker, former star quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. We chuckled at that one hard.

The game was called “Country Singer or Football Flinger?” where Sara, Kellie and Eddie tried to guess whether the name Ben called out was a country star or football star.

We have to say, we are impressed with Sara’s knowledge of football and with Eddie’s knowledge of country music. It was a close game the entire time!


And even though Sara and Kellie won, they were all good sports. Too funny!

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Sara is currently out on the “CMT Next Women of Country’s All The Love Tour,” which also features RaeLynn and Kalie Shorr. There’s also another special guest on the road for this one—Sara’s oldest son, Avery, who’s playing guitar with her, as Rare Country previously reported.

Such a fun experience for everyone!

By the way, Ben wasn’t kidding about the “Pickler & Ben” set pieces belonging to Faith Hill. She’s not only an executive producer on the show, she clearly takes a strong hand in designing the show’s farmhouse kitchen set, as evidenced by her most recent Instagram …

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