Sam Hunt’s musical output has been pretty sparse since his 2014 debut album, “Montevallo.” At the time of that album’s release, Sam said his now-wife, Hannah, was the inspiration for many songs on that album. She’s clearly also the muse for his latest monster hit, “Body Like a Back Road.”

Sam says, “Love is inspiring as a musician. Relationships are inspiring.”

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Going forward, though, Sam’s fans shouldn’t assume every song is literally about Hannah.

Sam says, “I’ve mentioned before that she was a huge inspiration for the first record. That didn’t necessarily mean that every song was a literal reflection of something that happened in our relationship. Just from a musical standpoint, she inspires me to pick up the guitar and write and try to do a good job at it when writing these songs. She absolutely still inspires me in that way.”

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Sam has been working on writing and recording new music in between moving into a new home with Hannah and launching his new “15 in a 30 Tour.”

“I continue to write songs that are more of an honest reflection of our relationship, and some from the storyline don’t necessarily reflect our relationship,” Sam says, “but she inspires the process, I guess, more than anything. She’s a good ghost co-writer that I can have behind the scenes to bounce ideas off.”

Here’s hoping Sam gets some of that new music ready to release soon. We can’t wait to hear it!

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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