Sam Hunt may not be your idea of a traditional country artist, but there’s no denying his music is connecting with millions of fans. Sam grew up in Georgia and went to college in Alabama, so he’s spent plenty of time in the small towns and on the back roads he sings about in his songs.

Sam calls his music a “2017 version” of country music. He tells “Hits Daily Double,” “I want to write songs about my life and my life experience. Our country culture today is different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. And if country music is about real life, then I’ve got that in how my songs are.”

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That country culture is influenced by a generation of fans who grew up with online access to any style of music they wanted to hear at any time.

Sam explains of his upbringing, “Rural areas had the Internet, and our parents didn’t. Kids growing up on farms now don’t just have a few country stations to listen to. There’s so much music from the Internet, on your phone—stuff they wouldn’t have had access to at another time. When it’s all there, why not?”

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Besides, Sam quickly learned that the girls responded very well when he sang songs by R&B star Usher to them.

“When I was young, before I had any biases to any style, that’s what caught my ear,” Sam says. “There was certainly a cool factor to R&B music, more than country, which was about home and fun and where you are. And when you start noticing girls, and you see what they like … Well, they really like Usher.”

The girls really like Sam’s latest smash hit, “Body Like a Back Road,” as well. Check it out here.

Sam Hunt says his music represents the “2017 version” of country Getty Images/Rick Diamond
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