Rory Feek writes brand new blog about a major decision in his life AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Rory Feek has found himself in a quandary. More than a year after the death of his wife Joey, Rory seemed to have come to a crossroads in his professional and personal life. But like every other time he has found himself here, he dove into the depths of his heart and let it help make his decision.

And his decision is to sing again.

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“I don’t want to be here,” he told a crowd during an appearance at a recent songwriting seminar. “And the one that’s clear is that I am supposed to be here.”

Indeed, his decision to return to the stage is explained in greater detail in a blog he released on July 10.

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“Today is the beginning of a new song,” he wrote, noting that he will perform in Nashville in September. “I’ve said before that I didn’t want to make or play music without Joey. That is still true. I don’t necessary want to. But I do believe that I am supposed to. I can feel it inside of me when I watch and listen to Craig and Bailey sing on our stage for cowboy church on Sunday mornings. And I can see it in the eyes of the people around me … even [daughter] Indiana. She loves music so much. When music comes on, she either tries to sing along, or stands up and says ‘dance!’ She has no real idea what her Mama and Papa used to do together with a guitar and our voices.”

But now she will.

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