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Rory Feek has been awfully quiet lately.

Sure, he has shared some happy pictures on the Joey+Rory Facebook page that he might not be able to let go of. There have been a few blog posts, updating fans with everyday life without dear wife Joey. But he has not sat down for an interview — until now.

Featured in the May 20 issue of “Billboard Magazine,” Rory did his first interview since Joey’s death, discussing everything from his wife’s last days to raising his daughter all by himself and relishing in the music they made together.

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“I’d say it brings me a lot of peace,” Rory says in the interview. “I listen and watch everything — it’s part of the process for me. I don’t want to hide from her, or her memory, or those feelings. I want to embrace them and keep her as close to me as possible. Being able to watch the videos, she’s still alive. Hearing the music, she’s still alive.”

And like we imagined, he is grasping to his faith.

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“(My faith is) still solid,” he continues. “I don’t understand everything. I don’t understand all of the Bible, nor did my wife — but I understand what faith is, and what faith requires. Faith requires faith, and that never really stops”

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