Rory Feek opens up about the moment his dear Joey "came back to life" TODAY/YouTube screenshot
TODAY/YouTube screenshot

As part of a media blitz surrounding the Sept. 20 release of “To Joey, With Love,” Rory Feek sat down with “Today” for a one-on-one interview about the one woman that no one can seem to forget — his dear wife Joey.

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“I couldn’t remember my wife healthy,” Rory said about the painful times after her death in March from cervical cancer. “All those years of marriage and all that life she had until I went through the footage. All of a sudden, I saw her come back to life. It was amazing.”

Just six months and two days after Joey’s death, Rory showed such strength during the Sept. 6 interview, despite a sadness still shining through his glassy eyes.

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“In some ways she’s still here,” he said quietly. “I’m doing as well as a man can do who has lost such an amazing person.”

Of course, those sad eyes turned happy again when dear Indy came up in the conversation, as she was described as having the same sparkle as her mom. Nevertheless, Rory says he hopes the movie shows the incredible person Joey was and the role she continues to play in their little family.

“I think maybe people like me… they rarely get to see a beautiful love story,” Rory said. “Sometimes the most beautiful things happen in the midst of tragedy.”

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