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When Joey Martin Feek passed away from cancer back in 2016, and Joey+Rory fans mourned her cruel passing, many wondered what would happen to her husband and duet partner, Rory, and their young daughter, Indiana. How would they go on and live without the love of their lives? Could they find a way to still be happy at the home they once shared together? Would people still be interested in their life and story long after the story’s shining light went to heaven?

In the years since Joey’s death, we have received all of these answers.

And come June, we are going to receive so many more.

“They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but for my new book that is coming out this June, I disagree,” Rory wrote in a Feb. 5 blog post that will end up being part of the foreword of his new book, “Once Upon A Farm.” “What’s on the front of my second memoir pretty much sums up what’s on the pages inside,” he continued. “Not because the little girl in my arms is cute and the farmhouse and barns behind [us] are so picturesque … but because the story of that picture is kinda like the story that is shared in the book. It was a roller-coaster ride with enthusiastic high fives and disappointing loss, the testing of our faith and the realization that everything would be OK, even when it wasn’t … much like the 15-year-plus story that has unfolded at our farm since we bought it in 1999.”

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Indeed, Rory is ready now to share the story of life without Joey in that new book, which is a follow-up to his New York Times best seller, “This Life I Live.” “It’s something I’ve spent most of last spring and summer writing, and am glad to finally get to share the news that it’s coming out in a few months,” Rory wrote about the book, which is set for release on June 19. In his blog, he tells the story about how beautiful the cover photo of himself with Indiana was taken, then lost, then miraculously found again.


“Like the story of the photo on the cover of this book, our story is not simple. My story. And my wife’s and my family’s. It is complicated. Very complicated. I spent 240 pages telling a lot of it in my first book, This Life I Live.’ And I loved telling it. But the truth is, there’s more. So, so much more.”

This new blog post also seems to indicate that the new book will go a bit more into the tough times that have come since Joey’s passing — the times when not everyone was smiling and the sun wasn’t shining on their picturesque Tennessee property.

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“It’s never really easy,” he said of life. “It takes twists and turns and goes in directions you don’t want it to go in. You’re hoping for smooth sailing today, and the wind suddenly kicks up and spins your boat around in a completely different direction. And all you can do is hang on and try not to capsize.

“It used to disappoint me, that life couldn’t be simpler,” he continued. “But I’ve learned to embrace it. To do more than embrace it, to love that life is that way. That the crazy ride is what life actually is when it is at its best.”

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