Rory Feek demonstrates the true beauty of parenting in one simple picture facebook

Ask any parent. Most of the time, your head is spinning.

Why won’t they sleep? Where are their shoes? Who is picking them up for baseball practice? What are they wearing to church? When is it going to get easier?

It’s not.

And that’s a fact.

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Yet, during the craziness of our days trying to raise the best kids we can, there are moments in which we find peace.

And that’s where you find the magic of parenting.

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Joey+Rory’s Rory Feek shared one of those moments on Facebook on May 26. He posted a photo him and daughter Indiana and instantly every parent knew why he had that smile on his face, despite dealing with a cranky kid and the reality of life without his better half Joey. He has found peace in how it feels to cradle the child he loves so dearly, and no matter what is going in this crazy world, nothing can erase that feeling.

…sleepy, sunset, ready-for-bedtime tears w Papa.

Posted by Rory Feek on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Indiana loves her Papa, and her Papa loves her.

And that makes everything feel just fine.

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