Rory and Indiana just shared their ongoing grief over the loss of dear Joey This Life I Live blog

After Joey Feek’s death, country fans joined together to give support to her dear husband and country duo partner, Rory, and their daughter, Indiana. Whether it was through a note, donation or prayer, the family has said many times over that those thoughts helped.

But as days go by, perhaps Rory and family have slipped the minds of some country fans. Lives have begun to return to normal and the saga of Joey+Rory no longer serves as a tabloid headline.

Yet, it’s right now that Rory and Indiana might need us the most.

As with any death, loved ones grieve differently. And from the sounds of Rory’s March 18 blog post, he is finding comfort within the safety of memories, such as the one he shared about the day him and Joey got engaged.

“A few hours later, back at her mama’s farmhouse, I took Joey’s hand and we walked west through the dark, down the little lane that they live on. We stopped about a quarter-mile away, right in front of the white cross on the side of the road where (Joey’s brother) Justin had been killed.  So there we were, in the spot where her she felt her greatest pain. But this time I was the one who knelt, and I asked Joey to marry me. And we both cried. And together we prayed that God might take our broken hearts and our broken pasts and make something truly beautiful of them.”

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