Rory and Indiana Feek return to the place where Joey “lived her last” This Life I Live blog

The crazy thing about life… is that it goes on.

Even when tragedy strikes and people feel as if they can’t bear to take one more step into their future, the sun sets and the sun comes up, and you are faced to live through another day on the calendar.

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And as life goes on, so do those occasions that we must find the strength to walk through. For Rory Feek, that occasion was Joey’s sister, Jody’s, son Cody graduating from high school. And so, as a surprise, Rory and Indiana surprised the family at the party, bringing the two back to a place where they both said goodbye to Joey.

“It was the first time that we’d been back there, since my wife’s passing in early March,” Rory said in a June 9 blog post. “I was excited and nervous about the trip at the same time. Part of me wasn’t ready to go back. Not yet. But another part of me knew it was the right thing, and believed that it would be healing for us. And it was.”

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Yet, even Rory had to admit that it felt different this time.

“It had been strange to be there again,” he wrote. “To sleep upstairs in the bedroom that my wife had spent her childhood sleeping in and know that she’ll never lay beside me there again and tell me stories of her childhood. To be in her home, with her family, without her. It was hard. And good. And wrong. And also right. So, so right.”

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