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It seems pretty reasonable that Reba McEntire would have an inordinate amount of boots to her name. Remember, for Reba they’re not just fashion—she’s a real cowgirl, too. So she boasts boots for just about every situation life could throw at her.

But we have never seen this many boots in a single closet before.

“I couldn’t believe I had 85 pairs!” the Grammy-winner told “People” magazine, which has the photos to prove it.

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Holy moly, y’all, 85 pairs?! You may be less surprised to know she has a storage system designed to perfectly display them all for easy access and a little decorative flair.

We’re not gonna lie, we’d probably just sit in the closet and stare at ’em.

Reba has always been a boot gal. She was a champion barrel racer back in Oklahoma and lived in boots. And, of course, when she’s taking the stage to rock the house, she wants a different look, but one that still reflects her style.

“I wanted a variety of boots that I could wear onstage,” she told “People” of how the impressive collection got started. “Then I wanted a pair of boots for the girls to run barrels in. Then I wanted some sneakers for when they get through loading their horse up in the trailer, take their boots off, get their tennis shoes on and drive home.”

There are also slides, “shooties” (ankle booties that fit more like shoes) and some dazzlers fit for the arena—both rodeo and concert. And if they aren’t flashy enough, Reba has been known to have them bedazzled for special occasions.


But still her favorite pair of boots may be her first pair she ever purchased herself.

“I had one pair of boots I ran barrels in,” she says. “I remember I had duct tape around to keep the sole together. I think I won third that night and, the next day I went down to the Western store and bought a new pair of boots and some clip-on stirs.”

From the first pair to the 85th pair, Reba is indeed the queen of boots …

And of jeans—we can’t forget her massive jean collection.

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“I have over 100 pairs of jeans,” she confessed to “People.”

“I keep thinking I’m gonna give them away, but my weight fluctuates five to 10 pounds throughout the year. You have your heavy jeans, you have your skinny jeans. I have my bell bottoms. I have my cut-offs that I tuck into my boots, and I have black, dark blue washed, heavy washed and I have my light blue jeans, and then I have white. So there’s a lot of jeans in my closet.”

I mean, we could shop in Reba’s closet.

Reba took home a Grammy Sunday night (Jan. 28) for Best Roots Gospel Album. So obviously, she’s going to need a brand-new pair of boots to celebrate! Make them number 86 …


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