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Reba McEntire’s new double-album, “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope,” is a celebration of her lifelong relationship with God. On the project, she sings classics hymns like “Softly and Tenderly,” as well as new inspirational songs, including the lead single, “Back to God.” On most of these tracks, Reba is singing from a place of strong faith and determination that it’s all going to be all right with God’s help.

There is one song on the album where Reba doesn’t seem so resolute, though. “From the Inside Out” is written from a place of vulnerability following a personal loss. It’s a song Reba identified with following her divorce in 2015.

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She tells Rare Country, “It is so true that when you’re hurt, you don’t want to talk about it. You’ve got to have time to rally. You want to be in your box and just stay in there. You don’t want to cry in front of anybody else. Just leave me alone. You’ve got to heal from the inside out. You can’t do it from the outside in. It doesn’t work that way.”

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Reba compares the healing process described in the song to the way doctors would treat a deep cut on your skin.

She says, “They do the stitches inside then they cover it up again and do the stitches. It heals better.”

For Reba, “From the Inside Out” provided a balm for her hurting heart after her friend and team member, Carolyn, sent the song to her.

“It was a very healing song for me,” Reba adds. “I identified with it. So, it was very autobiographical.”

“Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope” is on sale now.

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