Reba McEntire pulls out all the stops in this hilarious video for one great cause Prizeo/YouTube screenshot
Prizeo/YouTube screenshot

Have you ever noticed how when Reba talks or gives a speech, she always talks off the cuff? Now we know why.

Reba was recently recruited by her friend, Shane Tarleton, to help the Musicians On Call raise some money. At the root of it, it’s a fantastic idea, and Reba is all for it. Fans get to donate money to this awesome organization that brings musicians from all genres into hospitals to visit with and sing to people who are not able to leave the hospital and in turn are entered into a raffle to win a prize of hanging out for a night with Reba!

What could go wrong?

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The look on Reba’s face tells it all as she reads verbatim the suggested script that her friend had sent her to read. Now she knows he was just trying to help her out and make it easy by writing a script for her to read for a taped promo, but Reba couldn’t help but laugh.

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So instead of letting his hard work go to waste, Reba turns on the camera and reads it word for word, not even passing on the puns like “You know how much I love gettin’ Fancy.”

In the end, it’s a great contest supporting an even greater organization and you could win the chance to hang out with Reba for the night. How cool is that?

Click here for more information or the chance to enter.

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