Reba McEntire could not believe her eyes with this mind-blowing “America’s Got Talent” trick America's Got Talent/YouTube screenshot
America's Got Talent/YouTube screenshot

When “America’s Got Talent” asked Reba McEntire to be a guest judge on the July 16 episode of the reality competition show, they figured they had everything they needed in her. After having been in the entertainment business for nearly 40 years, Reba McEntire is a woman who has seen it all, so for an entertainer to wow her they would have to be pretty special.

Enter Steven Brundage.

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The 25 year-old magician wowed Reba up close and personal when he performed to her and the rest of the judges. It’s one thing to solve a Rubik’s cube, but it’s another to mystically insert objects into it. But that’s just what Steven did while the whole world watched in amazement.

After placing the 1980s toy in Reba’s hand, Steven took out a deck of cards from his pocket. Trick cards right? Conspiracy theorists will think so but even if they were, it didn’t matter because by tearing one of the cards that judge and supermodel Heidi Klum selected, the torn edge didn’t go between the cube and Reba’s hand, but it went one step further. The torn card piece actually went inside the actual cube!

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Planted right? Again, perhaps but if it WAS planted then Steven had the cutting skills of a surgeon because the torn edge fit exactly to the piece everyone saw him tear with our very own eyes. Actually everyone but Reba saw him tear it because she was intently staring at the cube to make sure there was no funny business.

The amazed look on Reba’s face was priceless and all she could muster was a well-deserved “wow.” Sadly even with this magnificent act, Steven was eliminated from the competition but look at the bright side, not only did he get an incredible experience, but he also got quite the parting gift in a Rubik’s cube that touched Reba’s hand!

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