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Reba McEntire is one of those rare stars who has been a superstar for four decades, but she didn’t get there alone. Reba credits a lot of her success to working well with others on her team, which is a skill she learned growing up in Oklahoma.

Reba tells CNBC, “I’m a team player. I loved basketball when I was growing up because I like to be a team player. I like to learn from people; I like to hear their ideas.”

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One of those ideas that came from someone else is Reba’s successful line of products on sale at Dillard’s department store. Twenty years ago, Reba admits she would have never dreamed of having her own brand of clothing, shoes and other items.

To illustrate that point, Reba recalls attending a fashion show in 2001 and being asked who was her favorite fashion designer. That question stumped Reba, and she ended up saying she loved Levi’s and Wrangler.

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She says with a smile, “That’s all I could think of because that’s all I ever wore!”

When she was approached about designing her own line of clothing, Reba thought about immediately dismissing the idea. After she gave it some thought, she realized she needed to follow her instincts and go with the fashion line.

Reba adds, “I know more than I thought I did. I know what I like. I know what’s comfortable, and a lot of women go for comfort just like me.”

Reba’s line of products keeps expanding, and she’s still going strong, recording new music and playing shows with Brooks & Dunn in Las Vegas.

Says Reba, “I’d love to do another Broadway show. I’d love to do another television show. I’d love to do another movie. I’d love to continue to tour. I’m a very happy camper. I love what I’m doing. I’m very blessed, and I’m very grateful.”


Now, that sounds like an attitude set up for success to us! Go to to keep up with all this busy lady has going on these days.

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