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We are positively speechless over this rarely seen photo of Hank Williams. His granddaughter, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and lifestyle guru Holly Williams, shared this glorious piece of her family’s history with her followers on Instagram.

Taken in 1949, the photo shows a young Hank with his wife, Audrey, and the two look like they stepped straight out of a classic Hollywood film.

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“Grandpa Hank (in a rare picture without the cowboy hat) and grandma Audrey. If only I could have met them. #timeless #classics #1949,” Holly captioned the photo.

Followers immediately weighed in, and Holly’s sister Hillary commented, “Love this picture of them!”

A few other followers had personal connections to the photo and the family. One wrote, “They lived next door to my Uncle Thelton Harden. I got a tour of the house that was near Monticello. Sweet people, your family!”


Another had an amazing, story, too. “My dad was good friends with Hank,” she wrote. “Sold peanuts and shined shoes together! Dad always said he went and picked up Hank after he wrote ‘Kaw-Liga’.”

Don’t you just love personal connections like that? The internet is a powerful medium, and photos truly bring back great memories.

Another follower commented that Holly resembles Audrey, and it’s so true! Sweet, beautiful Holly does really favor her grandma.

At the time of this photo, Hank would have been just 26 years old, or about to turn 26. Born in 1923, he married Audrey Sheppard in 1943, and together they had Randall Hank Williams, also known as Hank Jr., who is Holly’s dad. Sadly, due to Hank Sr.’s struggle with alcohol and prescription medications for his failing health, he and Audrey divorced in 1952, just three years after this gorgeous photo was taken. Tragically, Hank Williams passed away on New Year’s Day of 1953.

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Although the history books often paint a turbulent picture of the relationship between Holly’s grandparents, this photo is proof that they also had happy moments full of hope, love and wedded bliss.

Holly and her father, along with her siblings Hillary and Hank III, have all gone on to carry the Williams family legacy with such heart, soul and talent. Holly also owns a boutique in Nashville, H. Audrey, named for her late grandmother. If you’re ever in Music City, we highly recommend checking it out.

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