Randy Houser just spilled it all about the wide-open love that turned his life around YouTube Screenshot
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Randy Houser hails from the small town of Lake, Mississippi, but love has taken him a long way from home in the past few years.

Randy is now engaged to Australian native Tatiana Starzynski, and they’ve made a few trips to her home country since their love affair began. Tatiana’s mom, who they call Gigi, recently visited them in Nashville and took over their kitchen making all kinds of Australian delicacies.

Randy tells Rare Country, “She’s in there cooking all these Aussie foods like sausage rolls. They’re so good. And Tatiana has introduced me to so many different foods, and their dad taught me how to do a proper Australian barbecue. I promise you, the Aussie barbecue has become my favorite thing. It’s just fun, and it’s so delicious.”

Tatiana’s bloodlines actually go beyond Australia back to Russia on one side and Italy on the other. Both sets of her grandparents immigrated to Australia.

“They carry a lot of Russian and Italian traditions in their family,” Randy explains. “For the Italians, it’s a kiss on each cheek for for a greeting. And then with the Russians, it’s a kiss on each cheek and then one more. So, you got three. You don’t know when they walk up which side of the family they’re on, so you don’t know when they walk up how many kisses on the cheek to give or expect. It’s fun. It’s exciting.”

Though Tatiana’s family is quite different from his own kin back in Mississippi, Randy adds, “Somehow they embrace me and have taken in me as one of their own. It’s such a cool time, and I feel so loved.”

Get a look at Randy and Tatiana’s wide-open love in this acoustic version of his latest hit, “We Went.” It’s the lead single from his new album, “Fired Up,” due out Friday, March 11.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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