One of country’s young guns issues a statement after this rebellious stunt Twitter/@kendolly2

It’s festival season and as fun as it is for country music fans to spend a few days seeing all of their favorite stars in one spot, the challenge for the artists becomes setting yourself apart from the rest. Country young gun Sam Riggs found a way to do that during his show at the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival in Stephenville, Texas, but in the process, he ignored a very specific directive.

As we previously reported, Sam ended his April 26 set at LJTF by igniting a guitar with gasoline and then bashing it on the stage. After the incident, it was revealed that prior to his show, he asked if he could use pyro during the performance and an even administrator explicitly told Sam “no.” Obviously, the singer-songwriter didn’t listen.

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On May 2, Sam issued a statement on his Instagram page, admitting that he had disregarded the officials. “…I asked if I could use pyrotechnics during my set. The answer was a resounding ‘no.’ I have a passion for the stage and I love giving the crowd a show, so I chose to use fire during my set regardless by setting a damaged and broken guitar on fire on stage.”

Sam went on to say, “My actions came off as disrespectful and even blasphemous to some, not only on the safety aspect of it, but [also] by destroying a musical instrument despite its condition. This was certainly to my intention.”

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The talented multi-instrumentalist was asked to leave the event and he says he did so “peacefully” after being asked. While he doesn’t apologize for his passionate performance, he does say, “I do offer my utmost apologies to the Taylor family for crossing a line they’d clearly drawn, for putting anyone at risk.”

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