You’ve all heard of Flat Stanley, right? School-age children create a foldable paper figure and send it out to relatives or friends to take on their travels to help the children see the world. The recipients of Flat Stanley are asked to document where the cut-out goes with photos and journals.

Newcomer Jon Pardi recently hosted a version of Flat Stanley after one of his young fans, Ian from Nebraska, sent the young country star a tiny stuffed panda and a miniature journal and asked Jon to take the toy on some adventures.

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That’s treading on dangerous territory, Ian.

And while Jon may have joked that “Barry the Bear” might see a lot of bars while he was with the singer-songwriter, in actuality, he got to do something much cooler. Jon took the toy on the road with him and let Barry witness what the life of a rising star is like as part of his “road crew.”

Of course, all of the guys in the band helped make Barry’s adventure all it could be, and instead of just photos, they built a mini music video around their visit to Detroit.

In the clip, which was posted to Instagram on Dec. 20, Jon announces, “Barry the Bear is about to go everywhere in Detroit, U.S.A. Have fun, Barry!” He also wrote a note to Ian saying, “To my little buddy Ian in Nebraska that mailed me Barry the Bear, he’s been loving the road life. 🐼👊”

Hmmm … it doesn’t look like Barry is showing any signs of wanting to return to Nebraska. But with Jon taking a break from the road for the holidays, the pocket-sized panda may find it more fun back home with Ian.

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It was a great year for Jon Pardi. The lanky cowboy earned his second No. 1 single with “Dirt On My Boots” and a No. 3 follow-up with “Heartache on the Dance Floor.” He also earned both ACM and CMA “New Artist of the Year” honors.

After a little downtime to recharge his batteries, Jon will be back on the road starting in January with pal Miranda Lambert on the “Livin’ Like Hippies Tour.” Those dates run into March, but Jon also has summer shows on his calendar as fair and festival seasons kicks off.

One of country’s cowboys shares with a young fan a bit about life on the road Instagram/@jonpardipics
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