Maren Morris has a lot of reasons to thank her fiancé Ryan Hurd: unconditional love and support, obviously, but also musical inspiration.

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Maren posted a sweet birthday message to her man on Nov. 2, writing, “All of a sudden, every love song was about you. Happy birthday, darling.”

Awww, y’all, how precious is that? He’s her muse.

Ryan, also a songwriter and artist, is Maren’s biggest fan—and vice-versa, of course. The two frequently tour together and pop-up during each other’s shows when they can.

But no matter how crazy life or fame gets for them, they are committed to putting each other first. And that’s a love most definitely worthy of a love song.

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Maren’s current single, “I Could Use A Love Song,” is climbing the charts. No word yet on when these two will be tying the knot, but one thing’s for sure, they make a beautiful couple!

Happy birthday, Ryan!

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