Naomi Judd opens up about her daughter’s stand on the sexual harassment scandal HARRY/YouTube screenshot
HARRY/YouTube screenshot

Like mother, like daughter—there’s no truer saying to describe country icon Naomi Judd and her daughter, actor Ashley Judd.

Earlier this year, Ashley became the voice of a global movement to expose sexual misconduct in Hollywood and the greater world after she gave a detailed account of the harassment and misconduct she endured at the hands of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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Ashley, along with a handful of brave and trailblazing women including Taylor Swift, landed on “Time” magazine’s “Person of the Year” cover as “The Silence Breakers,” women who are giving a voice to the victims of sexual misconduct who can’t speak out.

And Ashley’s mother Naomi couldn’t be more proud of her.

Naomi stopped by the talk show “Harry” to chat with host Harry Connick Jr., and revealed the truth about the day her daughter came to her house to tell her about the plan to expose Harvey.

Ashley lives next door to her mother on an adjacent farm. Naomi said one night Ashley came to the back door during supper, barefoot with messy hair, which was normal for the actress, but Naomi said she still knew something was up.

“I could just tell she’d been out in the woods, and that something was on her heart,” Naomi told Harry.

“She said ‘Mama, I really need your opinion on this.’ I knew about what had happened with Harvey Weinstein,” Naomi admitted. “She said, ‘I think I need to tell people what kind of a man he is, and I think I’ll go to the “New York Times” to do an interview with them.'”

What she said next to her daughter is something we all need to remember.


“I said, ‘It’s always the right thing to do the right thing. Go get him, girl,’” Naomi declared.


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Harry was in awe. “Bravery must run in your family,” he said of Naomi and both of her daughters, including Wynonna.

“You are the epitome of a strong woman,” Harry said to Naomi.

We agree: all three of these ladies are role models and inspirations to us all.

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