Naomi Judd discusses her severe depression and rocky relationship with Wynonna Good Morning America/YouTube screenshot
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Longtime country music fans can either remember seeing them live or on a number of televised award shows and specials. The Judds were superstars by anyone’s definition. Insanely talented, dynamic and engaging entertainers, as well as warm and compassionate people, there is no denying that both women also had the look of stars. Breathtakingly beautiful with flaming red hair, Wynonna with her broad smile and piercing gaze, and Naomi with her cupid’s bow lips and dreamy eyes.

Naomi is almost unrecognizable now, and she admitted that when she appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Dec. 6. Naomi sat down with Robin Roberts and discussed how after the popularity of The Judds began to wane, her mental health began to suffer.

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“They see me in rhinestones, with glitter in my hair, that really is who I am,” she said, before her voice began to break emotionally. “But then I would come home and not get out of bed for three weeks, and not get out of my pajamas, and not practice normal hygiene. It was really bad.”

Naomi was diagnosed with treatment resistant severe depression. According to “GMA,” she spent time in psychiatric wards and is, even now, on medication, which she blames for her appearance. She explains, “I don’t look like I usually look. My hands shake real bad. Medication. Nothing I can do about it. My face, I feel like a balloon, my face is all swollen because of the medication.”

In typical Naomi fashion, though, she then jokes, “I really haven’t been eating ice cream and candy.”

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She also talks about her relationship with daughters Ashley and Wynonna. “Ashley and I are so stinkin’ much alike,” she says. “We have the same mannerisms, we both read a whole lot, we love new places.”

Her relationship with Wynonna, though, is quite different. She explains, “From the day I knew she existed, it was the two of us against the world. Then through the decades, we kind of grew up together because it was really just the two of us. I’m always telling her, ‘If I had known better, I would have done better,’ so Wy bore the brunt of all the mistakes I made.” She went on to say, “I love her, but there are just times we need a break from each other. We are still a little estranged from each other.”


The still stunning amber-haired beauty has chronicled her life and struggle in the new book, “River of Time,” which delves more into her depression and anxiety, her relationships with her famous daughters and even reveals being molested as a young girl by an uncle.

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