Much-loved country duo Joey+Rory just shared the excruciating news that the end is near

It’s a blog post that we didn’t want to read.

But on the morning of Jan. 9, Rory sat at the keys of his laptop and typed out the words that he knew the world didn’t want to hear.

The end is near for his dear wife Joey.

“And now, here I sit beside my dying wife,” Rory said in his blog post, which originally began by telling the story of the coming true song that they recorded a few years back and will now be included on their new album set for release in February. “I don’t say those words lightly. As a matter-of-fact, I haven’t said them at all. But my beautiful bride has said them to me in these couple of days. Her pain and discomfort has continued to increase daily and so has the morphine to help her be comfortable. I’d like to tell you that she’s doing great and is going to beat this thing. But I can’t.”

In fact, Rory stated that Joey’s pain medication has quadrupled in the last four days and that those painful conversations about the end have grown louder in recent days.

“Yesterday with tears in her eyes and mine, Joey held my hand and told me that she has been having serious talks with Jesus,” Joey continued. “She said she told him that if He’s ready to take her… she’s ready to come home. Our ‘make-believe’ song and video seem to be coming true.”


Praying for peace for these two amazing people.

Tricia Despres is a senior correspondent for Rare Country, based out of Chicago. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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