For as long as she can remember, Miranda Lambert has loved animals.

The country music superstar owns seven dogs, four cats and at least five horses. She’s not afraid to admit that her friends have to get along with her fur babies. That rule also applies to her boyfriend, Anderson East.

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While speaking with CMT After Midnight’s Cody Alan, Miranda opened up about the interests she shares with her beau. Luckily, the two have bonded over the most important passions in the “Tin Man” singer’s life – dogs and music.

“Dogs. I mean it always comes back to dogs for me,” Miranda said. “That’s my things, music and rescue animals.

“Obviously meeting someone it’s like, ‘Hey, would you like to meet my seven rescue dogs?’ It’s not normal,” she continued. “So, anybody that’s friends with me knows they have to love my dogs, or they’re not friends with me anymore. It’s been fun to watch [Anderson] fall in love with rescue dogs more because they pretty much run my life.”

Of course, every relationship has it’s fair share of give and take. So in return, Miranda roots for her soul musician’s favorite sports teams.

“I’m dating an Alabama boy. So, I guess I’m just ‘Roll Tide,’” she said before promising that she also stays true to her roots by cheering on the Texas Longhorns. “I’m also ‘Hook ’em Horns.’ But, ya know, whatever color looks good on me that day.”

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Miranda and Anderson have been dating for more than a year. They first went public about their romance back in December of 2015. It’s so sweet to see that she’s found love with someone who shares the same interests.

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