Miranda Lambert opens up about the song that speaks of being in her lover’s arms MirandaLambertVEVO/YouTube screenshot
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When it comes to the magic of songwriting, it seems like some of the best tunes are composed in just a matter of minutes.

That can be said for Miranda Lambert’s waltz-y, country ballad, “Holding on to You.”

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While the song itself isn’t as popular as many of Miranda’s big hits like “White Liar,” “Kerosene” and “Vice,” it certainly is special. And, according to Miranda and her co-authors, the lyrics came out effortlessly.

Miranda wrote “Holding on to You” with fellow Pistol Annie Ashley Monroe and Jessie Alexandar, who’s produced many chart-toppers.

During a “Story Behind the Song” session Miranda asked her pals, “You ever write songs and you’re just like trudging through, trudging through and you can’t ever resolve?” She then concluded “[‘Holding on to You’] was one of those that just wrote itself.”

“It was like we were pulling the lines up from the air,” added Jessie. “They were right there for us. All we had to do was just be still and hear them.”

The girls also drew lyrics from experience. In fact, they actually came up with the line about snow being on the ground from their Michigan gig, which took place in the dead of winter. And, while their penmanship came from truth, Miranda’s vocal track came from the heart. In fact, her vocal recording was inspired by a former family friend named Rod. He passed away before she went into the studio, according to Billboard. It was Rod who she says loved his wife so much.

“It’s one of those songs that you can sing to anybody,” said Miranda to which Ashley responded, “You could play it for Elton John… or Loretta Lynn.”


“When I’ve played it for people it always starts the tears,” added Jessie.

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You can find “Holding on to You” on Miranda’s 2014 record “Platinum.” On Nov. 18, fans will get a double dose of new music from the star with the release of her upcoming album, titled “The Weight of These Wings.” One part of the album will be titled “The Nerve,” while the other will be called “The Heart.”


See Miranda perform “Holding on to You” in the video below.

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