Miranda Lambert debuts the tender, yet tough song she wrote with Anderson East Twitter/@mirandalambert

We are just days away from the release of Miranda Lambert’s new double album, “The Weight of These Wings,” and her latest video gives us even more insight into the new project.

The song featured is “Getaway Driver,” which Miranda co-wrote with her boyfriend, Anderson East. It’s included on the new album’s first disc, titled “The Nerve.”

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In this video, Miranda reads off the different definitions for “nerve,” which include the following: “1) One of my thin parts that control movement and feeling by carrying messages between the brain and other parts of the body. 2) Courage that allows you do something that is dangerous, difficult or frightening. 3) The rude attitude of someone who says or does things that make other people angry or upset.”

Miranda goes on to explain, “You say it all the time, ‘You’re getting on my nerves’ or ‘My nerves are shot,’ or whatever, but it’s really so much deeper than just a part of your body. It’s part of your being to have nerve at all. If you’re going to have it, you’re going to feel some pain from it, but you’re going to feel some great stuff, too.”

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Full disclosure: we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a preview copy of “The Weight of These Wings” here at Rare Country, and we promise you’ll experience sadness, laughter, anger and just about every other emotion when you hear this album. There are 24 songs on the project, so you’ll want to clear your calendar this weekend to listen over and over again.


“The Weight of These Wings” comes out Friday, Nov. 18.

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