Miley Cyrus shares photos of her fun and zany Cyrus family Christmas Instagram/@mileycyrus

How did you spend your Christmas holiday? Hopefully, you were surrounded by family and friends, enjoying a yummy dinner and plenty of sweet treats, and exchanging gifts and giggles. You may have had matching pajamas or ugly sweaters, and there could have been Christmas music, singalongs and dance parties.

Lots of people celebrate like this and celebrities are no exception as we see in the Christmas photo albums that Billy Ray Cyrus? wife, Tish, and daughter Miley shared on their social media pages.

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Like many, Billy Ray and Tish started their holiday by attending a Christmas Eve church service.

Then it was home to get in a little Christmas Eve cardio before that big holiday feast. But the girls in the Cyrus family didn?t hit the gym or the yoga studio. With papa Billy Ray as their audience, sisters Miley, Noah and Brandi, and mom Tish cranked up a little NSYNC. Just like that popular boy band, they performed a cleverly choreographed routine to ?Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.?

Of course, there were plenty of those once-a-year photos of family groupings, including sisters dabbing in sweaters ?

? and Mama and her boys.

And if you?re wondering where Miley?s beau, Liam Hemsworth, was for the holiday, he was right there. He even participated in the fun evening donning a zany Santa hat and crossing his eyes for a hilarious pic.

Of course, with all of the family together, it was also a good opportunity to grab that important family portrait that included one of their four-legged members. As sweet as the photo is of all of the family together, the hashtags in Miley?s caption really captured the spirit of the season. She wrote, ?#AllIWantForChristmas is #EveryonetoLOVE and #BeLoved !!!! ???? #Peace”


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Amen, Miley.

We aren?t certain if this is the family?s home in Nashville or not, but we do know there is plenty of Tennessee under that roof no matter where they are. We can also see how important family is to all of the members, and that sure warms our hearts during this chilly December holiday.

Merry Christmas to Billy Ray, Tish and their entire sweet family.

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