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It?s official.

Carrie Underwood’s hubby, Mike Fisher, is returning to the Nashville Predators for the remainder of this season. No one is more excited than Carrie herself.

During a press conference in Music City on Wednesday, Jan. 31, Mike announced that he was coming out of retirement to rejoin his team as they gear up for this season?s NHL playoffs.

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The press conference was streamed live on “The Tennessean” Facebook page.

It seems Mike has some unfinished business since he led the team to the Stanley Cup Finals last season. They lost the title to the Pittsburgh Penguins last June, and Mike announced his plans to retire in August.

Since then, Mike has been cheering his team from the sidelines, but he recently began talking with the team about a return.

Mike told reporters, ?I didn?t really decide until recently. I just thought about the opportunity, how good this team is. I thought about the run last year and what could be. I had the blessing from family and my wife. Ultimately, the closer I got towards it … the closer I thought it?d be such a great opportunity. It?s gonna be some work, but I?m ready for it.?


Mike has now begun skating and training to get back in shape, and there?s no set date for him to actually return to the ice at this point.

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?There?s no real timetable,? he explained. ?I?m just going to see how it feels to skate on my own a little bit and get in shape. I?ve worked out on my own. It?s going to take me some time to get back into game shape. We?ll see how it goes. That?s the plan.?

It turns out Carrie and their son, Isaiah, had a pretty big role in Mike?s decision to return this season.

He said, ?I asked my son, and he was like, ‘No, no.? I don?t know if he even knew what he was saying no to. Carrie kept asking me almost every day what I was going to do. She wanted me to do it. She?s usually right.?

Mike also admitted the adjustment to life off the ice has had its challenges. He?s kept busy filming a new hunting show, ?Catchin? Deers,? and also working on a building project with Carrie.

When asked how he filled his brief time in retirement, Mike said, ?Chasing around a three year old at home, which kept me in shape. It?s busier than I really thought, but it?s been good. We?re doing a hunting show, and I did that in the fall with family and friends. We?re building a house and doing stuff like that. That keeps you busy. That?s over and done with now.?


When Mike retired last year, he?d been serving as the team captain for the Nashville Predators. Now that he?s coming back mid-season, he?s just looking to help in whatever way he can as they chase another shot at the Stanley Cup.

?However I fit in is totally fine,? Mike said. ?I?m here to help the team. I believe I can contribute, and play and help the team. Whatever that role is remains to be seen.?

Most of all, Mike believes in the ability of his Predators teammates to be the best in the NHL.

?I believe that this year can be our year,” he said. “That?s what I want to be a part of and have some fun.?

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