Meet the sexy cowboy who’s leaving the rodeo for the dance floor Instagram/@BonnerBlueBolton

Country music is synonymous with cowboys. While rodeo may not have the devout following that SEC football or NASCAR has with country music fans, you can bet that when a handsome cowboy makes his way into the public eye, he doesn’t go unnoticed. So, when Bonner Bolton was announced as one of the contestants in the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” you can bet that Google lit up.

The handsome 29-year-old is a bona fide cowboy, hailing from Gardendale, Texas. Oh, and he isn’t just any old cowboy. He’s a bull rider who’s been winning championship titles at CBR (Championship Bull Riders) events since 2007. Bonner learned the sport from his father, but his career was temporarily sidelined in 2016 when he landed on his head as he tried to dismount a bull during a ride in Chicago at a PBR (Professional Bull Riders) event.

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In an Instagram post, he shared chilling video of the incident and explained that he had broken his neck. In fact, his injury was similar to that of the late actor Christopher Reeves (“Superman”) who fell from a horse and was paralyzed until his passing in 2004.

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Praising God for the angels in my life and his hand that is guided me to this moment in my life and seen me through when I thought my last moments here on on earth were Sunday at PBR Chicago…. With a broken neck C2 fracture in my vertebrae I was blessed to have the best doctors working on me this week and the best team of nurses anyone could ask for it is been nothing but a life changer for the best for me and I know only good things will come from this I love you all and thank you all for those who are praying for me 🙏🏼 when I left the arena Sunday I was paralyzed from the neck down the same injury as Christopher Reeves who played superman that ended up in a wheelchair. I am proud to say that my God performed a miracle and I am able to move my whole entire body now and the doctor say I will be able to ride again as soon as this year I am truly blessed forever..:, #blessedforever 🙌🏼

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Fortunately, following surgery, Bonner did regain feeling and eventually movement. While he hasn’t been released to ride bulls again, and likely will never be, his rugged good looks have provided him with an alternate and much safer route. It seems that country folks aren’t the only ones that noticed his Marlboro man good looks. Following an appearance as Scott Eastwood’s stunt double in “The Longest Ride” and before his accident, Bonner had a successful modeling career. According to “The Guardian,” modeling agency IMG offered the cowboy a contract last spring.

Thank goodness. Otherwise we might not know the breathtaking glory of Bonner Bolton whether he’s wearing shirts…

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or skins…

Bonner, we wish you luck on “DWTS.” See if you can’t make that mirrorball into a helluva buckle.

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